Double bonus poker pay tables

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Double Double Bonus Poker Plus is a variation of Double Bonus Poker, which is, itself, a variation of Bonus Poker. That game, in turn, is a variation of Jacks or Better.

A guide to finding the best video poker games at legal online casinos in New Jersey, plus a description of the video poker variations NJ casino sites offer. Shopping Pay Tables in Video Poker The table you want when playing Double Bonus Deuces Wild is the 25/12 table which has a payout of 99.81%. The pay table you want with Super Bonus Double Poker is the 9/5 table which pays back 99.69%. Bonus Poker - Online Casino Games | Online Casino Reports

The good news is that full pay Double Double Bonus is one of the games that has an EV ... The pay table below is the one to remember - look for the 10/6 pays.

Unlike other games in the Bonus Poker family, there is no version of Triple Double Bonus that returns more than 100%. The best pay table has a payout of 99.6%. The variance is substantial on this game. A player that misses the bonus quad payouts and royal flush will experience a house edge of nearly 15%. Double Double Bonus Video Poker Strategy - gambling online Double Double Bonus Payout Charts. Those pay tables are rare indeed, though, but they’re still worth looking for. The more common payout structures are 9/6 and 9/5 Double Double Bonus, which offer payout percentages of 98.98% and 97.87% respectively. These numbers aren’t as good as a full pay Jacks or Better game,...

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Double Double Bonus video poker offers bonus payouts for four of a kind hands, but it’s not as popular as Jacks or Better and some other machines. If you find a good pay table and use a strategy chart it can be a good game to play, but in most cases you’re better off playing a 9/ 6 Jacks or Better machine if one is available. DB Pay Table (Double Bonus) - vpFREE2 has 18 unique pay tables for the Double Bonus (aka: DB) video poker game. Of these, vpFREE2 considers 9 games "good" or "playable", under typical circumstances, with a return of at least 99%, including DB (FP).

The bottom right cell shows an overall return of 98.05%. In case you were wondering, the return for this pay table in conventional video poker is 98.01%.

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